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Setup your self managed super fund within 24 hours

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We can setup your SMSF or self managed super fund within 24 hours. Call Andrew now on 0402 785 330.


A SMFS has an obligation to prepare financial accounts

Funds administrators

An SMSF has an obligation to prepare financial accounts, undertake an audit of the accounts and lodge a tax return. We fulfill these obligations for you.

Investing SMSF funds

We understand the rules governing SMSF

We know where to invest

An SMSF can invest in bank deposits, property, equities and other asset classes. Superannuation can be invested in residential or commercial property.

Empower your future

An SMSF gives you complete control

Take Control of your Super

A self managed superannuation fund, or SMSF, gives you control over your superannuation funds to invest in the manner you choose

Our future is YOUR future!

Benefits of a Self Managed Super Fund

Visibility and Control

With an SMSF, you can decide how you invest your retirement savings. You control your costs.

Pool your family assets

SMSFs can be a great way to pool your super assets with a partner or family members. With an SMSF, you can have up to four members.

Choose your investment

SMSFs offer a far wider range of investment options than traditional retail or industry super funds and this is a major reason why a lot of people want to set up an SMSF.

Taxation strategies

As trustees move towards the retirement phase, there are a number of financial planning strategies they can use to help reduce their overall tax burden.

Estate planning

SMSFs can provide significant estate planning benefits as they allow you to control how your benefits are passed in a tax effective manner upon death.

Cost effective

SMSFs are often very cost effective for people who are moving closer to retirement and pool their superannuation together with a partner.

Self Managed Super Fund Statistics


SMSFs in existence


Self-managed super fund members


Funds under management


New contribution rate in Australia

Everything You Need To Create an Exceptional Future

Life insurance policies

growth in all assets invested in life insurance

Other managed investments

growth in superannuation assets invested in managed funds.

Non-residential and residential real property

plus an estimate of rental income – Estimate for average rental income based on weekly rent of 0.1% of the value of the property.

Everything You Need-smsfs

Listed/unlisted shares and equities

overseas assets

Listed/unlisted trusts

Assets in trusts are treated as though half were invested in equities and half in property. Index is: equities + real property + other property + rent.

Cash, debt securities & term deposits;

limited recourse borrowing arrangements; borrowings; other liabilities

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From Startled To Started - We Will Walk You Through

Putting people back in control of their money is what we love to do. If you’re looking for an advisor that other SMSF come to for guidance then you’re on the right website. This website is designed to give you a measure of confidence in our strategies and programs so you can fund your aspirations for a truly self-funded retirement. Many people get scared of taking the first steps, just the mention of self-managed super funds gives them an expression like Bambi in the headlights – as the first piece of jargon stalls their minds and the second phase, waving a bit of paperwork at them, causes them to flee the opportunity in a startled and alarmed state. Let us cut through the red tape and patiently lead you through the programs until you live happily ever after.

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Meet our Clients

Our clients come from all walks of Australian life. We’re proud to be an empowering aspect of their peace of mind as they reach retirement age.
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A Team Atmosphere

At SMSF our consultants care about your personal situation and vision so your future always looks great

Our team of financial planners bring different areas of expertise to the table, yet you’ll always feel as though they’re sitting next to you on your journey.

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Inheritance Building

Retirement shouldn’t be about your longevity whittling away your assets down to zero

It’s possible to grow your wealth so your children and grandchildren, whether in early adulthood or in middle age themselves, can enjoy the generous fruits of your labours.

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