Superannuation is the largest financial asset next to real property for most people. The best way to take control of this asset is by doing it yourself with a self-managed super fund. Self-managed superannuation funds are a great way to save for retirement. It is the most flexible and tax-effective investment vehicle you can use. By becoming a trustee of your own fund you make all investment decisions.

Financial planning is important to take advantage of all investment opportunities available to you. Successful investment can be made relatively simple with the right financial advice. We offer financial planning and advice on Self-Managed Superannuation Funds. We have an established reputation for investment management expertise. We can help you by creating a sound financial plan to help you reach your investment goals and live the lifestyle you deserve.

You control how, when and where you will invest your money with SMSF. Choose a license and experienced Melbourne based company like us to help you set up your Self-Managed Super Fund. We will make it simple for you manage your SMSF and take full control over your investment and retirement planning. We will partner with you by providing specialist expertise and taking care of your fund administration.

How we can help you:
• Our financial planners can help set up your Self-Managed Super Funds and make personalised wealth solutions to help you reach your goals sooner.
• Our financial planners will work with you to identify your investment goals and ambition for the future.
• Then we will create a personalised plan and superannuation strategies to meet your needs.
• We will also advise you on tax benefits and minimisation.
• Administrative support will be provided to you for your SMSF to help you control your financial destiny.
• We can help you purchase property through SMSF.

Our financial planning advisors help Melbourne people take advantage of investment opportunities. Our sound SMSF advice will ensure self-managed superannuation funds are no longer a mystery but a very appealing way to give you more freedom and peace of mind.

It’s our commitment to deliver SMSF advice to ensure that your superannuation financial plan works for you. Arrange an initial consultation today with our financial planners.