Debt Free Pathways into Retirement

Staying debt-free is almost impossible early in life, unless we are born with that silver spoon firmly inserted in the gob, so for most of us, getting debt-free is a major life imperative. We start out with high hopes and we take foolish risks, because we have the rose coloured optimism symptomatic of the young. The youthful see themselves living the high life of success, they imagine all the luxuries and advantages that wealth can provide. To those of us setting out on the journey it seems only a matter of time before we land on our feet and reap the rewards.

However, as we reach our thirties and forties we begin to perceive that success and riches are not all that common after all. More of our friends are struggling, or mired in debt; and when they start families that financial mire only deepens, sucking them down. The fact is, that the wealthy and successful in any society are always a minority; the majority of folks live on Struggle Street or at least in some dead end suburb. Debt eats away at hope and happiness. Debt takes away opportunities and optimism. How can you avoid debt? It is not easy and sometimes not even possible.

Debt Free Pathways into Retirement

However, can you manage debts better? And therefore allow yourself spare cash for business ideas? Being smart around debt can positively affect your future. Actually it can improve your present too. Getting your credit card debts and other short term loans rolled into one manageable monthly payment on one big loan can really help couples and families stay afloat and then, get ahead. Finding a debt free pathway can change your whole outlook on living. What was dragging you down now hardly affects you at all. Opportunities present themselves anew and now you are generally older and hopefully a bit wiser about your investments.

Thinking about retirement when you are in middle age can be depressing for some, and for others, they see leisure and free time ahead of them. Obviously, approaching retirement whatever your perspective, it is going to be a better pathway if you are not sinking in a sea of unmanageable debt. Good living is about sharing with friends and having the financial buoyancy to not have to worry about how you are going to pay for things. Smart approaches to debt management make that kind of reality possible.



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