20 Things To Do For Over-50s in Melbourne

Being over 50 years does not always mean just sitting with a blanket wrapped over your body and sitting next to a fireplace. Despite the fact that you are 50 years old or more, there are still activities and things that you can do. It does not have to be boring all the time. So here is the top 20 things that you can do for over-50s in Melbourne.

  1. Visit Museums and Sports Arenas

You can visit the National Sports Museum. This is found at the MCG. While here, you will be able to see the famous arena, the long room, and the changing rooms used by the famous players.

  1. Take Shopping Tours

If you a passionate shopper then this is the best thing you can get involve in. there are hundreds of shopping places from big stores outlets, the laneways, and the basements, mostly the Bourke St Mall and the Melbourne Central.

  1. Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are available at all corners of the streets. The Melbourne coffee taste like no other.

  1. Take Chocoholics Tour

You should tour places that make chocolates and their products. You will taste the best chocolates in the world.

  1. Visit Melbourne Cemetery

This is an old cemetery thus shows history of Melbourne. You will get to see the famous features and cemetery of the famous people in history.

  1. Visit the Bar

This is for the perfect evening event. After you are done visiting the museums and the restaurant, you need to close your day at the Melbourne Supper Club. Here they offer great wine buffs and high quality services with the view to the city. You can get more details here.

  1. Attend Artistic hubs

These events take place at the federation square. There are cultural events, films, fashion shows, concerts, and exhibitions taking place at this place. To make it more interesting, you do not have to pay anything at all.

  1. Go for dance classes

Just because you are now a senior doesn’t mean that you cannot shake. Dancing classes is one of the fun activities to get involved in while in Melbourne. One of the best places in Melbourne that offer dance lessons for seniors is the Wickham Park Senior Centre. This centre offers Lebed Therapeutic Dance lessons to senior who are suffering from any type of health conditions.

  1. Attend Yoga Classes

There are various places in Melbourne that practice yoga. There is the Howard E. Futch Memorial Park located at the Paradise Beach and the famous Wickham Park Senior Centre.

  1. Go for swimming

Swimming is essential to all ages. It helps in the improvement of your cardiovascular system and staying fit. Favorite places to visit are

  1. Visiting Restaurants

This includes the famous St Kilda found at the Acland Street. Fine dining at The Prince, The Stoke house, and the famous Radio Mexico restaurants

  1. Gaming and Casinos

The Crown Melbourne offers the best quality game and casino services. Excellent accommodation is also available, making it the most preferred destination restaurant by most tourists.

  1. Site Seeing and Viewing

The Yarra Valley is the best of them all. Here, you will have amazing sceneries while enjoying a glass of wine.

  1. Strolling

Strolling during the afternoon hours to see all the cafes, jazz shops, and gift shops in Melbourne, should be in your list of things to do. The best street to use is the Brunswick Street.

  1. Visiting the Sea and Aquarium

Here you will see penguins, the mangrove, Rock pools, and the Billabong located along the Yarra River.

  1. Visit the City Circle Tam

You will get the best view of the city of Melbourne CBD.

  1. Tour the old Melbourne Jail

You will get to learn about the history of Melbourne regarding justice, prison, and the Victoria.

  1. Tour the Famous Queen Victoria Market

The market sales fresh produces. It also sells the gourmet to the locals and the tourists.

  1. The Royal Botanic Garden

At the garden, you will see the most incredible landscapes since time in memorial. The garden contains thousands of different plants.

  1. The Regent Theater

If you are a fun of acting and theater production, then this is for you. The place hosts famous acting like the Wicked, Lion King, and Love Never Dies musical films.

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