12 Best Things about Menopause

Menopause is not all about hot flashes, mood swings, vaginal dryness, sleep disturbance and thinning hair. It is not something to be dreaded but to be looked forward to. Menopause not only results from freedom from monthly periods and pregnancy but with major life changes menopause can have a positive impact in life. Menopause can bring positive changes in women’s post-menopausal years.

12 Best Things about Menopause
1. No more periods – menopause is the absence of menstrual period for at least a year. You don’t have to worry about leakage and menstrual cramping anymore. Menopause can be liberating, you don’t have to stay at home on days of heavy bleeding. And you can even wear white again.
2. Savings – no more periods means you save from not needing to buy feminine products like pads, tampons, pain relievers and birth control. You can now take all the money saved and put it towards a vacation.
3. No more Premenstrual Syndrome – PMS can cause physical and emotional symptoms like pain, breast tenderness and irritability. The ovaries stop producing oestrogen after menopause so PMS and all its symptoms disappear after menopause.
4. Sex without worrying about pregnancy – menopause marks the end of reproductive years. Women in menopause can enjoy great sex without worrying about pregnancy. Most women find that because they no longer have to worry about pregnancy, they actually enjoy sex more once they reach menopause.
5. Greater sexual pleasure – many women find that they are more capable of receiving higher sexual pleasure after menopause. Sex after menopause my require lubrication but it gives greater satisfaction.
6. Myoma Shrink – myoma or uterine fibroids are benign uterine tumors that grow in the uterus when oestrogen levels are high. Myoma often stops growing or shrink when oestrogen levels decline in menopause.
7. Goodbye to hormonal headaches – about 70% of women have menstrual migraines, headaches that occur during ovulation and menstruation. Menstrual migraines are triggered by the fluctuating levels or oestrogen and progesterone. Oestrogen and progesterone levels fall after menopause, migraine sufferers can see an improvement once they reach menopause.
8. Greater confidence – finding oneself again is the biggest gains of menopause. After the puberty, pregnancy and menopause you’ll feel that your body is yours again. After menopause you are more comfortable in your skin to care about what others think of you.
9. Self-empowerment – menopausal women feel empowered after the biological changes of menopause and the point in life when menopause occurs. It is the time when they feel free to pursue personal and professional ambitions.
10. Caring for oneself – after menopause your brain shifts from being caregiver to caretaking of yourself. It is the best time to make changes to improve one’s health like getting regular health checkups and routine screenings like pap smear and mammograms.
11. Take the menopausal zest to good use – menopause brings about a rush of energy both physical and psychological. Many menopausal women rediscover their youthful dreams, desires and hope. It’s never too late to work towards your dreams.
12. Bonding with friends – taking time to bond with other woman experiencing menopausal symptoms is reassuring. Knowing you are not alone and exchanging coping strategies and sympathy help ease the menopausal journey.

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