20 Bucket List Adventures for a Happy Retirement

You’ve finally earned your retirement after decades in the workforce. With complete control over how you spend your time, you can now get up and do all the things you dream when you were younger. Time to get up and do something different, make your days full of adventures and activities to occupy all the time you now have on your hands. If you’re not sure how to enjoy your retirement here are 20 Bucket list adventures for a happy retirement:

1. Travel – retirement allows you to take extended vacations without worrying about vacation time limits. Traveling is a wonderful way to learn a foreign language and other culture. Take a long cruise; you can go with a tour group if you’re apprehensive about doing it alone.
2. Spend time with family and friends – if you wish to spend more time with relatives and friends, this is the best time. Spending more time with family and friends is a great way to relax and enjoy your retirement time. Now is your second chance to make out missed opportunities with your grandchildren.
3. Buy a motor home – buy a new motor home or recreational vehicle and take your home with you on your travels. Explore different parts of the country, meet people and have stimulating experiences.
4. Start a business – now that your career is over, it’s high time to start the business you’ve always wanted. If you have an idea for a product or a service, this is the best time to test it out. Try to get good advice before investing too much of your capital.
5. Teach – use your experience to pass on to the next generation. Head back to the classroom as a teacher, this will get you involved in the community, get you out of the house and earn a steady paycheck.
6. Get a job – retirement is a great opportunity to start a new career. Reconsider your early passions that you have not pursued before. Now is the best time to do something you’ve always dream of doing.
7. Mentoring – Put your work experience to good use by becoming a coach or a mentor. Find a young person to mentor, volunteer at the local schools or coach a sports team. This will develop your inter-personal skills and make you active in your community.
8. Volunteering – volunteering is a rewarding way to give back. Think of what causes speak to you and contact organizations you would like to help. Government and non-profit groups could always use an extra set of hands.
9. Go into public service – public service is one good way to use your retirement time. Contact school or churches near you for ideas on serving your community.
10. Write a book – if you have good English communication skills and imagination you could write a novel, poetry, cookbook, a how-to-guide or even your biography for your grandchildren to read one day.
11. Babysitting – retirees who are not tech savvy can consider babysitting to help your family or neighbors in need of babysitting service. This could even be a way to bring in extra cash.
12. Learn to play music – retirement is perfect time to learn to play your favourite musical instrument. Making music is one of the key to a happy retirement. Retirement can be an ideal time to learn if you always dream of making music.
13. Take up a new sport – stay active by taking on the challenge of new sports. Whether it is fishing, biking, kayaking, tennis or golf retirees who take on new sports get great pleasure and health benefits.
14. Home improvement – save money by tackling home improvement project yourself. Use your free time to make home improvements like organizing stuff in the house or gardening.
15. Get educated – Go back to school to finish your diploma or get a graduate degree. Studying can be fun and great way to socialize and relax. Learn just for fun; find free courses that you find interesting.
16. Work part-time – get a part-time job if you want to go to a place everyday that makes you busy. Having a job will bring in extra income and it will give you a place to socialize and meet new people.
17. Get a hobby – find a hobby you really enjoy whether it is knitting, poetry writing, woodworking or arts and crafts. The best options revolve around projects you couldn’t wait to do when you retire and turn it into extra income.
18. Write a blog – blogging is an easy way to give advice or share important subjects. Blog about business knowledge, career advice or a hobby you mastered like baking, painting or gardening.
19. Camp for adults – there are camp for adults too not just for kids. Learn new skills by enrolling in adult camp. There are cooking camps, golf camps, music camps, writing camps and sports camps.
20. Join a fitness class – stay fit and maintain your health by joining a group of people who like things that you love doing such as cycling, golf, tennis or walking. Stay committed to an active lifestyle by joining fitness class.

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