God’s Waiting Room: Retiree Hot Spots?

God’s waiting room: retiree hot spots? The term ‘god’s waiting room’ has been assembled to describe those retiree rich towns and cities that are becoming so prevalent in the Australian landscape. Superannuated older Australians are downsizing from their big houses in the capital cities to more rural and touristy type towns. They want the good life, albeit a quiet version of that good life, and they don’t want the expense, pollution and noise of the big cities. A placid piece of real estate by the water, or on a hobby farm, and/or within a retirement village well placed to soak up the natural atmosphere.

Melbourne, by contrast, is fast becoming Australia’s top city for nightlife, funky bars, great restaurants and live music. The pulse of this proud, sports mad, city is alive with things to do and see. Development continues apace in the Victorian capital city and South Bank teams with places to eat and drink. There is a burgeoning creativity amongst architects and interior designers in our great southern city, as they carve out unique establishments from the bedrock of this polis. Festivals and casino colosseums are making sure that the party never ends in this vibrant city. Young and groovy folk flock to performances, cafes and concerts; day after day, night after night.

In direct contrast to the tram infested streets of Melbourne are the sleepy hamlets for the over seventies; dotted along the coastlines of Australia. God’s Waiting Room: Retiree hot spots? Where are they? Places like Tweed Heads on the NSW/Queensland border; the Hunter Valley in NSW; the Sunshine Coast in Queensland; Goolwa on South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula; Tasmania’s Huon Valley; Echuca and the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria – are all retiree hot spots. You will see more oldies on push bikes in these regions and golf clubs, close to them, are in a healthier state than the national average. Constitutional walks are de rigour, as is driving, at least, ten kilometres under the speed limit.

God’s Waiting Room: Retiree hot spots? Many of the residents of these locales are modestly cashed up and like to eat out at local cafes and restaurants. They may become members of local clubs and associations; and are solid community citizens. They are fulfilling the latter stages of the Great Australian Dream; they have brought up families, paid off the family home and now live and holiday in their very own paradise. They desire more gentle lives for the duration of their remaining days. They seek tranquility and peace; good on them!



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