Create, Manage, Protect

We believe a sound financial investment plan should operate on these three guiding principles, that’s why we use them as our mantra and our core guiding principles, because we know it gives great results to our clients.

With a degree in Electrical Engineering (Honours) at RMIT, I began a niche electrical business with a friend which I successfully ran until deciding to sell up. I took a fantastic holiday and realised I could make money through investing and in doing so, learnt a lot more about financial planning.

Financial planning encompasses investing but also covers many other areas of finance such as managing debt, managing tax, superannuation budgeting and insurance. However I was always drawn to the idea of helping other people, and in the often hard to decipher world of finance, I found that helping others was realising my true passion.

I completed my Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) in 2004 and went to work for a boutique financial planning firm, a stock broking firm and also two chartered accounting firms, with my own business flourishing in 2007.

My kind of clients



Small business owners



What I specialise in

Superannuation, including Self managed super funds or SMSFs.

Wealth protection, including Life, TPD, Income Protection, Trauma Insurance

Direct Share Investing

Pre and Post Retirement Planning including super strategies

Regular savings programs and salary sacrifice

Managing debt and reducing your mortgage

If you’re not sure what any of this means, give me a call or send me an email

When it comes to superannuation funds, self management is the trend taking Melbourne by storm. SMSF is the acronym & you’ll see it everywhere …

I only work with a limited number of people, so it’s truly first come first served, this allows me to accurately plan and then deliver upon that plan to produce results on your behalf. I provide ongoing financial advice to no more than 75 clients at a time, so I really get to know you and your situation.

I’m located in Yarraville just 8kms from the Melbourne CBD, so getting to know each other will be easy, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!